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Compact modern slick design!
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Night Sight NP75 designed for installation on a hunting rifle for assisting the user at twilight and night conditions with the presence of moonlight, skylight, or other natural illumination. For daytime use objective lens must be covered with the supplied cap having a pinhole. To attach to the rifle sight has a dove tail shape mounting bracket with adjustable clamps. That allows to fix the Sight on any dove tail shape mounting rail within 3/4 of an inch width, including widely used standard weaver mount. Device incorporates GEN1+  Image Tube with flash and overlight shut-off protection. Recoil resistant design assure for safe use on the hunting rifle. Lighted circle mark allows brightness control  by "up" and "down" push buttons and internal bi-directional position adjustment for precise lateral and tilt alignment. Includes canvas pouch with zipper and detailed OEM English manual. See detailed specs. at the bottom of this page.

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 Magnification 2x   
 Field of view 12°   
 Viewing angle 40   
 Objective lens dia. 50 mm.  
 Eyepiece diopter adjustment +/-4 diopetrs   
 Eyepiece exit pupil distance 64 mm.  
 Eyepiece exit pupil diameter 6 mm.  
 Optical resolution 80 secs.  
 Minimum illumination required .005 lux.  
 Spectral response 400 - 900 nm.  
 Screen resolution 30-33 line pairs / mm.  
 Mazzle flash protection YES   
 Overlighting shut-off YES   
 Body material Aluminum cast  
 Rifle mount bracket Up to 3/4" adjustable width, steel  
 Water drop protection YES (Sealed around)  
 Recoil resistant YES  
 Dimensions 260x75x80 mm.  
 Weight 2 lbs.  
 Operating temperature range -15 to +40 c  
 Batteries 2 AA  
 Continuous operation time 10-12 hours  
 Battery life 40 hours  

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